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>> thanks so much for watching today. i'll see you again tomorrow. in the meantime, studio b with shepherd smith starts right now. >> m megyn, i know who you are. have a great day, ali. that woman who shot, stabbed and slit her boyfriend's throat according to authorities, today she returned to the stand in her own defense. she said she did it but claims she felt used. details are ahead. plus, the fbi says the man who held that boy hostage in the bunker in lower alabama for nearly a week rigged the place with bombs and was preparing for violence when a swat team stormed the place. and a fire fight took his
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life. new details coming up. one law maker says a financial apocalypse is coming. the only way to save his state is for his state to start printing its own currency. from the impossible to believe, we bring you this. unless breaking news changes anything on studio b. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, big changes are on the way for the u.s. postal service affecting every american who gets mail. the agency today announced it will stop some of its saturday deliveries as it tries to stem the losses of some 25 million dollars per day, per day. under the new plan set to take effect in august, the postal service will no longer deliver letters and first class mail on saturdays, but it will still deliver packages plus priority mail, express mail, and mail order medicine, everything that makes money. it would not close any branches currently open on the weekends. of course, the cuts in service
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mean fewer jobs. steve sensteve steve centanni. >> reporter: vermont independent bernie sanders said this will send the post office into a death spiral. white house press secretary jay carney received to prefer a more comprehensive approach to postal reform. >> it would be our preference that that package of reforms be implemented for the sake of a stronger future of the postal service. we're looking at this particular action now and, you know, i can't really evaluate it yet since we just found out about it yesterday. >> republicans largely applaud the post office for bein propro active in the face of difficult budget constraints. >> the congress in its wisdom has tied their hands every which waylly run the post office in a revenue newt nl
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way. congress needs to afnlgt no question about that. >> the post office has taken the initiative and is looking for ways to cut costs and looking at ways of saving $2 billion. it doesn't get us all the way there, but it's a good start. >> that's just a sampling of some of the reaction you heard on capitol hill, shep. >> what about reaction from letter carriers? >> reporter: they don't like it one bit. they're calling the plan disastereus. he said american letter carriers condemn this reckless plan in the strongest term and call for the immediate removal of the postmaster general who has lost the confidence of the men and women who deliver for america every day. the postal service hopes to save $2 billion a year by cutting saturday mail. >> steve, thanks very much. the woman who now admits that she stabbed and shot her exboyfriend, then slit his throat ear to ear today testified that he sent her graphic pictures that made her feel uncomfortable. prosecutors say back in 2008
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jodi arias, that's her name, she killed travis alexander because she was jealous. he was planning a trip with another woman, but she claims it was self defense, and when she took the stand today, she said that she felt used after their romantic encounters. by the way, this is a new defense strategy, one of many. jodi arias initially denied that she knew anything about her exboyfriend's death. then she blamed the murder on masked intruders. she said oh, yeah, i had to kill him to save my own life, stabbed him 27 times before slitting his throat. if georgia don' jurors don't bu, she would kind up on death row. adam? >> reporter: the testimony as you alluded to got pretty graphic not only in pictures but also in words. we'll keep it pg because there's really no reason to go into what she was saying other than they're trying to portray the man she killed and allegedly
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murdered, travis alexander, as someone who was controlling, someone who obviously didn't care about her, maybe used her. that's the angle they're going at right now. they've broken for lunch. it's very clear the defense is taking a long time as they do this and eventually the thought is they'll try to portray him as somebody who beat her and that she had to defend herself, thus stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat and shooting him in the head and dragging his body around the apartment after she did that, shepherd? >> the defense seems far, far from finished. >> reporter: yeah. you know, people thought they would be done yesterday. we're now in the third day of her on the stand, they're going extremely slow to the point where you try to shake your head to stay awake. in fact, when they pan to the audience, you can see family members in some cases nodding off as they go through every single detail, every single encounter, sexual and otherwise, and the thought now is maybe she'll be on the stand tomorrow. are they trying to get that one juror to connect with her? that's what a lot of court observers believe but everybody is waiting for cross-examination to begin. the original thought is it would
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be today, now it looks like probably tomorrow. >> adam housley in los angeles. thanks a lot. fox news legal analyst arthur idala is here. lots of stories this woman has given, this most recent one that she felt used and it was to defend or protect her own life. >> yeah. shepherd, jurors be th jurors wt consistency. they want a theme that's consistent from the gibbing to the middle to the end. it's not a defense to murder because he didn't -- he wasn't nice to you. it's not a defense to murder that in the past he was -- he was mean. it's a mitigating circumstance maybe in a death penalty phase, but self defense means you're coming at me right now. you're about to kill me. >> if i don't kill you, you're going to kill me so i have to kill you. >> perfect. she's got none of that. we're into day three. i don't know what she's going to say about that.
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she spent the whole day talking about their sexual relationships and this and that. it's irrelevant except to make her feel -- make a juror feel sympathetic towards her, but from people who i've heard who have been in the courtroom, they said her testimony is very robotic, very scripted, and that's just not going to cut it in this kind of case, and the fact that they're all over the place with their theories is just not going -- it's not going to serve her well. >> well, you know, have you ever had a client you were defending who said that he or she killed in self-defense, stabbed 27 times, slit the throat from ear to ear and took pictures of herself dragging the body around the house? >> no, but shepherd. >> makes it more difficult to handle. >> in a case where a young woman killed her father. >> yeah. >> in a very horrific way. >> she took the stand, looked atd georgia, very much as this woman did and said yes, i did it. this is why i did it. >> that man abused her entire
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life. her father set her up as a prostitute, literally taken her to another country and turned her into a sex slave. there's a difference between that and i don't feel comfortable. >> exactly. the way we handled that was we asked open ended questions like what happened, and she just calmly and sim thetly and engine winly told her accurate story that she had told before. it wasn't like they could stand up on cross-examination as they can here and say wait a minute, when you first got arrested, you said you weren't here, you didn't know anything about it. then you made another statement saying oh, someone else did it. now this is your third statement. >> is the prosecution just about to ron popeil her? >> yeah. i feel sorry, not knowing the foocts, fofacts, for her attorn. there are runaway clients. to some degree, you have to let them do what they're going to do. they'll live and die by the jury's verdict. >> this is the same woman who said this hav jury will never
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convict me of this crime. >> i don't think the jury will have a really hard time even though this is a death penalty case. >> they're hoping for jury null if i indication. >> she's not living up to her job to on the a jury nullification verdict. we've been telling you about the u.s. policy for killing americans, american terror suspects, without charge or lawyer or trial or anything. tomorrow one of the people responsible for this policy will go to capitol hill to try to get the okay to become the next head of the cia. that could be tricky. next, a preview of what it will be like with some contentious hearings, plus the man who held a 5-year-old boy hostage for nearly a week underground in lower alabama was equipped to kill himself and everyone around him. last night during greta's program, we got a news conference and this morning, a plethora of information about what was going on and we'll have it all for you right after this. stouffer's is proud to make america's favorite lasagna...
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more back lash over the controversial memo that makes a legal case for droning americans overseas and it could pose new trouble for the president's nominee to head the cia. he's the white house's top counter terrorism advisor, john brennan. the senate confirmation hearing is set to get underway tomorrow. at least one democrat said he will ask brennan about the justice department document. part of the lawmakers efforts to, quote, pull out all the stops. that memo first aired by nbc news gives the united states the okay to kill certain american citizens abroad. let me say that again. it gives the united states the authority to kill certain american citizens overseas if they're believed to be senior members of al-qaeda and if capturing the suspects is not an option. no lawyer, no charges, no nothing. catherine herridge is in washington.
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so how is the white house responding today? >> reporter: well, a short time ago white house spokesman jay carney rejected the controversial program of killing americans would somehow general jeopardize the confirmation of john brennan to head the cia. the white house much sized his vast experience in what they call his significant perspective on the war against al-qaeda. >> to the president believes that the senate should and will confirm john brennan expeditiously. >> reporter: the senator who sits on the intelligence committee hinted strongly he may block the nomination of brennan unless the secret legal opinions are handed over. the white house would only say at the briefing that they continue to work with congress on this issue, shep. >> what about this weird sort of tradition that we use a court of law for these matters for american citizens instead of just sending a machine out to kill them?
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>> reporter: well, even the president's traditional supporters say the drone campaign has no meaningful congressional oversight or review by the courts, and the aclu also questions whether brennan has really applied more process to the drone program. >> the bottom line, we took a program, the united states took a program that had very -- that was used very minimally by president bush, and now there are over 3,000 civilians who have been killed in this program. >> reporter: the aclu renewed its fight in the course to force the release of documents for the targeted killing of an american cleric in september of 2011 and the death of his 16-year-old son in a separate drone strike that was described by the administration as collateral damage. the white house today offered a very broad response. >> i think it's fair to say that far fewer civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior leadership in al-qaeda along the lines that we are
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discussing here as opposed to an effort to invade a country with hundreds of thousands of troops and take cities and towns. >> reporter: to show you how bizarre this can be, after the 16-year-old was killed, the state department did a routine investigation. that happens whenever an american dies overseas. these documents obtained by judicial watch state that according to the state department, the cause of death for the 16-year-old was unknown when all you had to do was read any major newspaper to conclude that he was killed in the u.s. drone strike. >> interesting. catherine herridge in washington. stay on them, cat. >> thank you. the boy scouts of america postponed the decision on whether to end the ban on gay members. a spokesman said the organization needs more time and will address the issue at its annual meeting in may. supporters and opponents have weighed in vocally recently, including the president of the united states who says gays and lesbians should have equal access and opporunities in every institution and walk of life,
12:18 pm
that discrimination like the boy scouts' discrimination should end. ed henry is at the white house. the president himself acknowledged in the process of all of this that his approach to gay rights has evolved. >> reporter: no doubt about it, shep. today white house officials are saying the president believes the boy scouts have been a very important character-building organization in this country but they should not be discriminating against gay members, and as you noted, though, that line about discrimination, that's kind of the opposite of what the president was saying in 2009 when his critics then said he was discriminating against couples who wanted same sex marriage. he opposed it then. in the middle of the presidential campaign last year, he said he had evolved and now supported same-sex marriage. remember back in the inaugural address just last month, he was the first president to ever utter the word gay in that speech and today jay carney said that with the public attitude shifting, the president has shifted as well. take a listen. >> for his personal evolution, a
12:19 pm
term that he used, i would point you to his words. i think there's no question as many have written about and commented on that our country has as a whole evolved significantly in our view, the public's view of these matters, and the president believes that's a very good thing. >> reporter: conservatives like tony perkins sharply disagree and have been saying in recent days that teaching of sexuality should have no place in the boy scouts. that should be left up in tony perkins' words, to the parents of the boys involved, not to their scout leadership. >> sounds like the pentagon will be making news on this front as well, ed. >> reporter: that's right. we're told we can expect in the next few days that pentagon officials are going to announce some benefits to the same sex couples, basically, involving service members. this will involve sort of health and welfare programs, but it's
12:20 pm
important to note that it will stop at not recognizing same sex marriages between service members and either, you know, fellow service members or civilians because of the defensive marriage act prevents the government from recognizes those marriages. >> ed henry on the north lawn at the white house. good to see you. lawmakers in a few states are now considering printing or minting their own money. forget about the greenback. that's a myth. virginia has other thoughts or at least some in virginia. we won't put this on all virginia ns. utah nickels, virginia dollars? we'll take a look at it. i say we get hotty-tty-totty benjamins, but that's for later. oh this is lame, investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. is that what you're looking for,
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>> shepard: 22 minutes past the hour. there's a law maker in the state of virginia who says the u.s. dollar is going to collapse and he's pushing other state reps to mint a new currency for virginia. after a three-year battle, it seems somebody's listening. virginia state house has just passed a republican-backed measure that would require a study into whether the state should make its own money. state democrats have mocked the initiative wildly. lawmakers in more than a dozen states have proposed similar efforts in recent years, quote, just in case of a financial apocalypse, end quote. let's get to the senior writer for yahoo finance. is this real? >> well, it's a real gesture, at least. >> shepard: i know that. >> i guess if you think that u.s. money is basically worthless, then using $17,000 of it to fund a study about your own state's currency doesn't hurt too much, but i think it tells you that there's always been this kind of fringe idea
12:25 pm
that, you know, federal reserve backed money and united states occurrence icurrency is illegit. it shows one little outcropping of that kind of thinking. >> shepard: some people in texas talked about is he ceding fo sea while and now virginia is talking about making money. can they do that? >> people in utah have to honor u.s. issued metal coins, so gold and silver collectible coins are considered currency in the state of utah. the only thing that makes money money is other people's willingness to accept it for something. whether the state tells you this is money for transactions within virginia or whatever, i don't think it's very relevant, but i do think again it's interesting as kind of a little bit of an uprising from that point of view, that anti-fed point of view. >> it's no secret that there's a group that's unhappy with fed policy. >> that's right. and look, you know.
12:26 pm
in many respects, at least quantitatively, they've printed trillions of dollars, their balance sheet is bigger than ever and they're joined by other central banks. it racees the question if they can conju. conjure this much money, is any of it under control? at this point i think it's mostly about, you know, kind of an outlier debate because of anxious times. what's interesting is this started three years ago. we've actually probabl probablye then seen a lot more stability than many people expected. >> look at the numbers from yesterday, housing, things looking mighty good. >> it's threatening to be an outbreak of normalcy. >> don't believe the threats. they're coming to get you. thank you, mike. the fbi now reports that as itsing agents carefully worked to rescue that 5-year-old boy,
12:27 pm
and i mean worked, wait until you hear all they did, the suspect that held them hostage was ready to fight back. he had planned for this. it's clear now. he rigged the underground bunker where the boy was held captive with explosives. new pictures of the compound plus the fbi's practice bunker ... next. the mystery cyber attack on some major newspapers and federal reserve is apparently not over. i know because my boss tweeted thusly today. what we know about the hackers as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from your friends at studio b today in red and blue.
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is studio b. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the man who police say held the 5-year-old boy hostage for about a week had rigged his underground bunker with explosives to try to prevent a raid. when swat teams stormed that bunker, he engaged in the fire fight that killed him. that's the word now from the f.b.i. we're getting a much closer look at the property in lower alabama where that child was holed up for days with the suspect, jimmy lee dykes. this photo from the fbi shows a tent covering the bunker, and coming up here, you'll see the pipe which negotiators used to talk with the suspect. an fbi special agent said that those explosives were disrupted, but he wouldn't get into specifics, and this video shows the mock bunker, the one the fbi built, to run through rescue
12:32 pm
scenarios. it's the wooden structure there, see it? helicopter cameras captured the video yesterday and that fake bunker is now gone. the fbi initially didn't reveal whether the suspect killed himself on monday, but sources now tell the associated press and other news agencies that swat members indeed did kill him. that 5-year-old boy is safe. trace gallagher with some details. trace, some fas fascinating stuf coming out of this. >> reporter: yeah. the fbi is still being very tight lipped about all this, shep, but a number of sources told media outlets what jimmy lee dykes did not realize is the fbi was watching him with a high tech secret camera. they knew when he was armed. they also knew exactly what his movements inside the bunkers were. as his movements went south, swat teams got ready to pounce. when he was climbing up a ladder, reaching for more supplies, that's when they stopped in stun grenades,
12:33 pm
stormed the bunker, exchanged fire and that's when jimmy lee dykes was killed. rescue teams were primed. >> they have plans set out but each case will be very individual. each perpetratorror has unique characteristics, but what they do is they study past cases, they study outcomes. they learn from that, and that's why they try to prepare themselves as best possible. >> reporter: in the meantime, the fbi is still outn the property right now sweeping the 100 acres for more weapons, more possible explosives. shep? > >> shepard: how is the 5-year-old doing, trace? >> reporter: well, the 5-year-old as we know as ethin is now six years old. he's getting a lot of presents and a lot of cards and apparently has a lot to celebrate. the authorities say that physical physically, he's happy, seems like he's fine. it will take a lot longer to kind of get a feel for his mental injuries if there are any at all, you know.
12:34 pm
he's said to have asperger's syndrome which is a mild form of autism and his mother said this, and i'm quoting, ethan is safe and back in my arms and i owe it all to some of the most compassionate people on earth. i will never be ai able to repay those who brought ethan home. the mother does not want her full name released, saying that she would like the media to respect her privacy to give them a little bit more time so they can kind of put this nightmare behind them. shep? >> shepard: man, i hope they can. trace gallagher. thanks a lot, trace. computer hackers believed to be in china are still going after american news organizations and government news agencies. news corp ceo, the parent company of this network is rupert murdoch. he tweeted yesterday that hackers are continuing the attack on the computer system at the "wall street journal" which he also owns. we first reported this hacking around this time last week. word that cyber criminals, cyber criminals have infiltrated the
12:35 pm
journal's network comes after the "new york times" and the "washington post" reported similar breaches possibly in china. block berg reported a -- bloomberg reported an attack as well as the federal reserve. the u.s. central bank is basically unaffected. let's check in with jonathan hunt with the rest of the story. china is the main suspect, clearly. >> reporter: yes. certainly in the attacks on these big media organizations, and our boss, rupert murdoch, seems to have no doubt at all. he tweeted today, quote, chinese still hacking us or were over weekend. now, we don't have a lot of detail about the juan guevara wt journal attack. the "new york times" published a long articles last week talked about a company they brought in to investigate it. they said they looked through the way this was done for something like four months and all the signs pointed to very
12:36 pm
similar attacks perpetrated by the chinese before and a strong suspicion voiced by writers at the "new york times" was this was either the chinese military or the government trying to intimidate them because they were investigating at the time none other than the chinese prime minister. >> how did they do it? >> you know. it's funny. these schemes seem to us to become more and more complex, more and more widespread, but i spoke to the co-pre co-presidena cyber expert company. he said the basic way they get in is exactly the same as it's always been. listen to this. >> it is still as simple as one employee clicking on a link that they're not sure of. >> yes. >> it's that simple to break in. >> it is that simple to break in because whether a hacker really wants to do is get code on your computer. since you won't accept it, if they purport it to be actually what it is, they have to trick
12:37 pm
you into it. if you get an e-mail and it says oh, please click on the attachment about your new promotion, people click on it very innocently. >> reporter: so these huge schemes, shep, that can bring down big companies or at least try to possibly destroy our infrastructure in the future we're told by defense department officials it all comes down to one person in one organization clicking on that e-mail. you're not sure who it's from, but you follow it anyway. >> shepard: and away we go. >> reporter: it's that simple. >> shepard: thank you. a major credit card bust in new jersey. 18 suspects managed to scam their way to at least 200 million dollars in cash, millions of dollars wired to pakistan, india, china and others. the suspects are under arrest and in court, and here's how the feds say they did it. the suspects would open credit card accounts for people who don't exist and send in false papers to boost those non-existent people's credit scores. once they secured big loans on
12:38 pm
people who didn't investigate, they never paid them. they h spent the money on spa treatments, electronics, millions of dollars in gold. >> you'll see in the complaint that $68,000 was seized from one defendant's house during an earlier search warrant executed as part of the case. money was hidden in a kitchen stove. >> the lead attorney said the suspects triggered higher interest rates and fees for everybody else and account for the money that got sucked out of the system. at least three of the suspects have pleaded guilty. cyber crime and technology analyst morgan wrait is with us. hi, morgan. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: if all you have to do is make up somebody and send in fake papers, i could have done this a long time ago. >> you and i wouldn't be having this conversation. >> when i talked to your producer, the first thing that jumped out at me. when i looked alt the countries, uae and the country of origin of many of the schts. the first thought jumped is
12:39 pm
where is this money going. it has a clear hallmark of financing terrorisms. that was one of my biggest concerns about this. >> shepard: we don't know to what extent that may or may not be truth. we know what seems like using very simple means, they were able to get to $200 million. that's not a good sign. >> no. what it is, it actually exposed a weakness in the big three credit unions about how easy it is to perpetrator, not only to create a fake identity but build up the legend around the identity, give them a huge great credit score and these folks run up the bill and they leave just like in a restaurant. run up the bill, get a lot of good stuff, and they leave without paying to the tune of $200 million. >> shepard: the one thing about leaving the restaurant without paying is a few days later, somebody can do the same thing. can this happen again? is there a way to stop this? >> not only can it happen again, it's hammin happening right now. in fact, one of the defendants in the case pled guilty on an unrelated case but the same techniques back in january of this year in the northern
12:40 pm
district of california for identity theft and wire fraud. so this is something that unfortunately is easy to perpetrator. the only got thing to come out is because it did exemployees flaws and weaknesses in the credit system and how credit lines are established and authorized users are put on there, there will be better fraud detection capability to detect this type of massive scheme. this was a death of a thousand cuts, it wasn't a big theft, it was a series of small thefts that got to over $200 million. >> that's huge. thanks so much. >> >> shepard: people trying to escape syria's civil war flooding across the borders. the number of refugees said to be closing on in a million. in their places, more and more islam i caic militants. we'll get a live report on the border ... next. when our cab went out, it took forever to get it fixed.
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to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ >> shepard: we've just gotten word here that florida senator marco rubio will deliver the aruba response to the state of the union address coming up next
12:44 pm
week. he's a rising star in the republican party. certainly as it tries to recruit more from minorities and hispanics to the republican tent, he'll be delivering the response to the state of the union. that's nex next week here on fox newschannel. twin suicide car bombs today killed at least a dozen syrian government groups according to a human rights group. the syrian obama toi observatorn intensive day of fighting. the yo un estimates the war hasd to the death of more than 60,000 men, women, and children. the u.s. state department is reporting that nearly 800,000 syrian citizens are fleeing to neighboring countries. just in to fox newschannel, the iranian foreign minister believes the syrian government is now willing to negotiate with the syrian rebels. we have no way to know whether that's true.
12:45 pm
please consider the source. it's according to the egyptian state news agency. we've heard a long list of broken promises before from syria. if this is true, it would be a major development. no breath holding, though. greg palkot with the news live along the turnish border with syria. hello, greg. >> reporter: hey, shep, a lot of reports, a lot of action. we spent time today with a top rebel commander and got some insight into it all. he was a colonel in the syrian military before he defected. we caught up with him in a town along the turkey-syria border which is a hub of rebel activity. now, he admits that there are islamist extremists, foreign fighters in syria, that they are battling along side his own men, but he says they are supported from the outside, and he doesn't openly condone the brutal tactics of this group. now, as for negotiating with
12:46 pm
assad and his regime, there have been reports that some in the opposition are willing to do it. we heard a report that he flatly rejects it. he said it's a stalling tactic to allow assad to kill more. how will assad meet his own end? take a listen. >> assad's killing will continue until he falls. it's difficult to say when or how he will end. i think the only way he will leave is by military means and military force. >> reporter: how long will that end take? we pushed him on that, shep. he said six months if iran and russia back down with their support for syria and the assad regime and it would help if the u.s. kicked up their support. those are two big ifs and it's still a very long and bloody conflict. back to you, shep. >> greg palkot along the border. thank you. a horrific crash involving 27 cars and trucks has killed
12:47 pm
three. at least a dozen others reportedly hurt in a fiery pileup on i-16 in georgia. it's the main highway that connects savannah to macon and officials say seven tractor trailers were involved including a fuel tanker that exploded as those cars slammed into each other in foggy conditions this morning. piles of burned and twisted metal cover the roadway in the aftermath. an investigation as you might imagine is underway. we're told poor visibility likely had a large part in it. a brewing storm system could dump up to two feet of snow in some areas of the northeast. our meteorologist janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center. wow. this looks nasty. >> are you ready for some snow, shepard? >> no. i'm trying to get upstate for the weekend friday night. can i do that? >> i don't think so, my friend. call me. i'll keep you posted. >> i will, thank you. >> this could be one for the books for boston, massachusetts. we're predicting over two feet of snow. we have blizzard watches for the boston area right now. just looking at the top five
12:48 pm
snowstorms, we could get up there. the last time we had over two feet was back in 2003, so it's been 10 years. we think it's going to happen. for new york city, you're just going to be on the cusp of some major snow as we look at one of our computer models. 9 a.m. friday, there's new york, so right there on the cusp. some of this rain, sleet could actually bring back some of the storm totals, but boston, portland, you are in that bull's eye where we think we'll see the most amount of snow. 6 p.m. friday, shepard, is going to be hard time for traveling overnight friday into saturday. so here's what we think is going to happen. two of these storms, got a clipper system and a storm coming out of the southeast that's going to kind of merge together and bring us quite a block buster event for boston. we're thinking over two feet of snow at this point. >> i'll just drive really fast. >> call me. i'm going to tell you not to go. >> shepard: then i'm not calling you. janice, thank you. if i'm not here monday, you'll understand. trace will be here. they'll figure out something.
12:49 pm
it will probably be better. champion skier lindsey vonn speaking out today. what she is saying about her injury and her chances of getting better in time for the winter olympics. that's next on studio b.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
>> shepard: the gold medal winning skier lindsey vonn is about to head home to the united states for surgery a day after she suffered a bad crash. here's the video if you haven't seen it. doctors said lindsey tore two ligaments in her right knee and broke a bone in her leg. that's tough to watch. conditions earlier in the day were tough. officials delayed the start of yesterday's race in austria several times for a total of three and a half hours. before lindsey vonn's crash, a worker had reportedly fallen and broken his nose on the course, forcing crews to airlift him, too. in a statement, she said the
12:53 pm
2014 olympics are not off the table adding, quote, i can assure that i will work as hard as humanly possible to be ready to represent my country next year. well, in college sports, it's national collegiate signing day in football. the day the top high school football players announce where they'll play next year. it's been the only thing on espn news since about 7:00 this morning, and as always, alabama and florida did what they do, dominate, but the runaway top story of this all-important day is coming out of oxford, mississippi, ole miss, yes, i am an ole miss rebel, signed the number one player in all of the nation, the defensive end who is a rebel now. chosen over florida and bama and others are following him. it probably helped that his big brother is on the team and a superstar on his only and his mom wanted them all in oxford. who can blame them. it has the entire football world talking. the architect of the best recruiting class in ole
12:54 pm
miss history is the coach and he's with us from campus. i've got a list here, coach. you've got the number one and number five overall player. you got the number two safety, the number one juco, the biggest day in program history. lebron james is tweeting about it. chris lowe who writes for sec on espn said that ole miss' star power is stunning and that you, coach, haven't made a splash but cleared the pool with one giant cannon ball. i think they hear it in bat ton rudy guiliani. how did you do that? >> well, shepard, it obviously is a lot of people that go into this process, but i think the first thing that was important to us is that we had some -- besides god's goodness to us, we had natural tie-ins to three of those natural guys. you mentioned robert's brother is on our team, and family is so important to that mom and that dad and those brothers that if we could just create some
12:55 pm
momentum in our program, i felt like we had a good chance at getting him. >> shepard: what was your way to convince those moms you talked about that that's where they need to be, in groveland. >> well, you know from your experience that if we can get them to campus, particularly on a weekend where we have a home football game or a spring visit to where there's a spring baseball game being played, that this is one of the most beautiful places on god's earth, and obviously people like dr. ethyl young miner who shared the process of how we're going tto go about being a family and educating their young sons and faculty and students, but our team, our players probably were the best recruiters we -- we got them on campus. they he sold our coaching staff and our vision to those top recruits and their families. you know, had we not had that natural tie-in there, would we be sitting talking about that? probably not. i'm a realist, but we did, and
12:56 pm
that's part of our luck, i guess, and having denzel and treadwell, the number one receiver in the nation, we got his best friend here on our team from last year's signing class, and a great tie-in there with the high school coach. those were great tie-ins. >> shepard: coach, minnesota had a big year a few years ago and couldn't keep it going. you have to play alabama and lsu, not to mention johnny football over at a&m. when is it going to be or is it possible that some day alabama and lsu's coaches will go now we've got to play ole miss? >> well, we're certainly trying to upset the apple cart a little bit. i think we're very competitive last year in those games, and i think we took a great step forward in taking our talent level to another dimension today, but this one class alone, i don't think we can sit here and say that it can do it. we need to follow it up with the class next year, not necessarily
12:57 pm
of such top heavy kids. i don't know if that's repeatable or not because i don't know if we'll have those tie-ins, but i do think it's possible to land a lot of quality four star and high three star kids like we did also in this class. they're not being talked about near enough, but i think we've got some really good players in that realm of our class also. >> shepard: go get 'em, coach. you talk about winning the day. congratulations, hottytotty. if you had your own show, you'd do it, too. you new study claims the united states is the world leader when it comes to nipping and tucking. other countries have a higher rate of plastic surgery when you factor in the population. we'll get to that ... next. trea. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ]
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